Bob Goldstein – ASCB Newsletter

“Many researchers have scientific idols, but Bob Goldstein is one of the few with an actual shrine to his hero. Inside Goldstein’s microscope room at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, there’s a small wall recess dedicated to the cell biology pioneer Ray Rapoport.” [Read more]

Mindful Birthing – Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

This meditation-based approach to childbirth and parenting doesn’t deny pain, but it does help you acknowledge and manage it. [Read more]

Bring Me the Gas! – Slate

“Labor is no laughing matter, at least not in the U.S. Today, most women in the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Scandinavia use laughing gas (otherwise known as nitrous oxide) for pain relief during childbirth, but for years it has not been available for labor in the U.S. beyond a few lucky maternity wards—until now.” [Read more]

Yixian Zheng and The Elusive Spindle Matrix – ASCB Post

“Yixian Zheng isn’t afraid to challenge assumptions in biology. She studies how cells divide and wants to know what is orchestrating the process, but her ideas haven’t always been immediately embraced.” [Read more]

Taming the Killing Light – Hari Shroff’s New Microscopes – The ASCB Post

“Like a kid hovering over an ant with a magnifying glass, you can easily fry a worm with a microscope. But if you could do it without zapping the subjects, long exposure imaging would be immensely helpful for studying a cell process like development in a living Caenorhabditis elegans embryo.” [Read more]

So you want to be a science writer – MBoC

Dance Your Molecular Model – The ASCB Post

Working 16 Hours a Day at the MBL Physiology Course and Loving It – The ASCB Post

Chicken Stalk – Inquisitive Eater

Tired of Writing R01s? Consider Crowd-Funding – The ASCB Post

Experiences in Lab Culture – LabLit

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